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Shimmy Mob - Washington, DC

Official team site representing our Nation's Capitol

Where We Perform

We annually perform Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue NW which is maintained by the National Park Service.

This lovely area is in front of the famous National Theater, a venue every sitting president has visited since it's opening in 1835. It depicts a portion of Charles L'Enfant's original plan for the layout of the city in marble.

Originally called, "Western Plaza", it was dedicated on November 1, 1980. Eight years later, it was renamed to "Freedom Plaza" in honor of Martin Luther King, who was staying at the nearby Willard Hotel writing his legendary speech, "I Have A Dream". A time capsule containing MLK relics was planted here and will be reopened in 2088.

We extend an open invitation to all local teams to dance with us in this iconic space. Please contact the Team Leader for more information at: Include your name, contact number, team, and how many that are coming.

We also perform at other National Park locations throughout DC -- you never know where we might turn up!


The National Parks Service works tirelessly to preserve our nation's monuments, parks, and many historical places throughout the country.

Washington, DC is a treasure trove of these places -- plan your visit with family and friends!

Come and experience all the wonderful sights in our great city!

To plan your visit to DC: click here

To learn how to support National Parks, click the icon!

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