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Shimmy Mob - Washington, DC

Official team site representing our Nation's Capitol

Member Expectation

The DC team is dedicated to becoming a beacon of hope for those in need in our community.  

ALL members are asked to do the following:

1) PLEASE READ YOUR WELCOME LETTER -- The team leader will send you a welcome letter AFTER THE DEADLINE when you are officially registered with and are listed as paid. It has everything you need to know. It will be sent to the email you registered with. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDER.  

2) This is a fundraiser. Participate in these efforts as they are equally important to your willing to dance. At this time, House Of Ruth of DC does not take 'in-kind' donations of goods or services. At times, Shimmy Mob in Canada may or may not send free stuff for participating. We collectively as a team, donate these items as raffle gifts to turn into cash for our charity. The team leader, as a return courtesy for this privilege, provides a team gift to every participant. Unclaimed shirts are also used for our raffle prizes.  

ABOUT FUND RAISING: We have an internal contest open only to our team. The top fund-raiser wins a prize for raising the most money. There are a few ways to do this easily.

1) $10 from 10 friends -- this is for pocket change. Anyone, including a dancer writing a check for $20 or better is entitled to have a receipt for tax return. MAKE SURE YOU NOTE THEIR ADDRESS AND THE AMOUNT SO THE CHARITY CAN MAIL IT TO THEM. 

2) Checks/money orders accepted. Make sure they are made out to 'House Of Ruth" with "Shimmy Mob DC" in the memo line. Again, for those who have donated $20 or better, make sure the check or money order has their name and address on it so a receipt can be sent.


Those who wish to raise money online but DO NOT wish to be in the running for our internal prizes:

a)  promote this website

b)   promote House of Ruth website

c)   promote link from Shimmy Mob - dot - com. ALL go directly to the charity. Donation form will ask for the donating person's

information, not yours.


1)  ONLY Dancers who are current team members are eligible to create their own GoFundMe, Paypal, or Facebook campaigns.

2)  For reasons of consistency, continuity and transparency, the title of your page MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME

Example: "Shelly's Campaign for House of Ruth/Shimmy Mob DC"

ANY OTHER VARIATION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. We cannot have several different pages running at the same time all

with the identical name being confused with our official team representation online. We need to be able to credit that it is

YOUR PAGE who raised the money for our internal contest. Thank you for your cooperation.

3)  DO NOT USE SHIMMY MOB LOGO - It is copywritten. Use your own art work, free art, or your own pictures with your

caption/title. You may use a picture of yourself or any of our group team shots.

4)  Set an appropriate deadline so that you can turn in a receipt from your page.

5)  Use as the website. Their address is: 5 Thomas Circle, NW DC 20005

6)  For your story description, pattern this example: 

"Hi! My name is (your name) and a member of Shimmy Mob DC. We are a flash mob dance team and a part of a global effort to raise awareness and money for domestic crisis centers. Our charity is The House Of Ruth. Our goal is $1000.

Domestic abuse is a crisis that many have fallen victim to. It is these fund-raising efforts that assist therapists to help those in need for several critical resources: housing, employment, education and training, child care, legal issues, budgeting and safety planning. In addition, the their support center staff reaches out to many other organizations that may come in contact with people who are dealing with domestic violence to acquaint them with the supports and services available at House of Ruth.

Every dollar helps! Every dollar restores hope. Give what you can -- it ALL counts!"

***ALL funds and receipts must be turned in on our LAST rehearsal. CLEARLY print your name and the amount on an envelope to the Team Leader.

3) Learn your choreography from your kit. Be ready to make adjustments as it is up to the Team Leader to make it skill friendly as well as appropriate to the performance space.

4) Attend rehearsal. Rehearsal fee is divided equally among team members . You must attend ONE rehearsal or you cannot perform with the team. Our rehearsals are broken into 2 hour blocks and there will be several opportunities. You may attend as many as like. Further details when you officially register. There is a prize for perfect attendance provided by the Team Leader.

5) Ask for help if you are having issues with the choreography. The Team Leader will be available for additional one-on-one instruction or partner with a team member to practice with. We welcome all skill levels to this team.

6) Please attend/participate in as many of our fund-raising events as you can. Your presence is vital to reaching our goal. If you have one, don't forget to wear your shirt! Team members who assist the team leader at these events are provided with a thank you gift.

7) Emergency contingency:

1st - WE ARE RAIN OR SHINE. Please purchase a purse-size plain black umbrella which compacts down to 8 inches. Please also have a CLEAR rain poncho.

2nd - Our shirts are shipped from Canada. Please have ready a PLAIN black tee shirt, tank top or camisole in the event our shirts do not arrive on-time. No half tops, slinky straps.

8) Dropping Out: We are thankful for your time and talent and hope you return next year. Emergencies happen. Please contact the team leader immediately of your situation. Please take the time to arrange for shirt claim or to donate it. Most donate.

9) You do not have to dance to participate -- you can still raise money for the charity and win the team prize for Top Fun-raiser. Contact the Team Leader for details.


1) When receiving your official shirt, you may bedazzle it anyway you like provided that your decorum does not cover or hide the Shimmy Mob logo. We are NOT allowed half-shirts without a tummy cover up, holes or tears. You may adjust the neckline but not to a low-cut design. You may remove the sleeves. Dancers who obscure the logo or expose the belly will not be permitted to dance.

2) We are allowed to wear PLAIN black yoga pants, or dance pants, or gypsy skirts -- no piping, designs or logos. No shorts, sweatpants which gather at the ankles, or capris. No harem pants that have slits up the sides.

3) Members are allowed to wear the hip scarf of their choice.

4) Any hairstyle or jewelry is allowed. Please wear your makeup slightly heavier than normal so you don't look washed out in pictures.

5) Wear comfortable tennis shoes, preferably black -- Freedom Plaza has a granite/marble surface. Ballet shoes or soft soled/no hard heel type dance shoes are okay. PLEASE NO SANDALS, CLOGS, OR FLIP FLOPS.

6) Bring only what you need to bring the day of the performance. There is no safe place but near our photographer and there is no place to change. 

CHOREO RULES from Sabeya of Shimmy

"I have received a couple requests to clarify the rules in regards to teaching previous Shimmy Mob routines to non registered dancers.

So here it is:

As a sign of respect to the previous choreographers and previous registered dancers, it is NOT permitted to teach previous Shimmy Mob choreographies to non registered dancers. There are only 2 exceptions to this rule:

1. YOU were the official choreographer of that specific dance, in which case you would have a bit ...more flexibility. But teaching someone else's choreography without permission is simply disrespectful. Permission is not given to teach non-registered dancers.

2. The other exception would be if official permission is granted in written form from me. Typically this is granted and limited to teaching in a class setting for learning purposes only, NOT performing.

Non compliance to either one of these rules may cause you to not be allowed to join Shimmy Mob again. I hope this clarifies."

NOTE: If you intend to perform our official routine as a soloist after our team's performance, please make sure that all attempts to have the choreographer and music credited in the announcer/MC statements. Please make sure that any video YOU post online is also credited as (year of routine) Shimmy Mob, choreographer, music title/artist. 

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