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Shimmy Mob - Washington, DC

Official team site representing our Nation's Capitol

How To Join

2021 EARLY BIRD Deadline: TBA

2021 Deadline: TBA


You must register with our team at -- otherwise, you are NOT registered.


Your registration does:

1) NOT come to our charity or our team. It is to cover the cost of your 'kit'. Your kit includes the official performance day t-shirt and the video coach to learn the choreography which is coordinated in Canada. You learn the choreography on your own. The team leader is prepared to adjust the choreography to our performance space and skill level. 

2) NOT cover rent to rehearse. Everyone chips in to cover the cost. You can pay cash or check when you attend a rehearsal. It is a one-time payment of $22.

3) NOT cover other team costs. The team leader covers the costs for the following:

*Raffle prizes unless sponsored

* Team prizes unless sponsored

*Performance permit costs

*Security deposit and remaining amount of rehearsal rental not covered by members

*Our photographer

*Our team website

When you complete your registration, you will receive an auto response from Shimmy Mob.

It can take up to 3 days for your name to officially appear which becomes critical closer to the deadline. 

If register without your payment, you will be listed as 'pending'. You are not a member of the team until HQ in Canada receives your payment.

To help avoid missing anyone, when you register, please forward the auto-response to the team leader at: so the team leader knows to look for your name.

To register, CLICK HERE

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