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Shimmy Mob - Washington, DC

Official team site representing our Nation's Capitol

Helpful Tutorials

The objective of World Belly Dance Day is to celebrate and educate oriental music and dance. The following is a very basic information to begin your belly dance journey. Enjoy!

Every Shimmy In The Book With Bozenka

This fun instructional focuses on posture and initiation of moves. Bozenka illustrates several basic shimmies every budding bellydancer or advanced dancer should know. (51mins)

Bellydance for Beginners with Suhaila

This DVD is both for fitness and for dance. It combines both pilates and dance technique beautifully for a more confident dancer. (40mins)

Yoga For Inflexible People

Led by Judi Rice, this clever DVD gives you several options to customize your workout and flexibilty goals. 6 different workouts and easy to use. (Time varies from 20-60 mins)

Shimmy - The Television Series

This television series comes from Canada and is a wonderful drill and choregraphy lesson. Designed by Kim Pechet, it's just fun to watch AND learn from! (30mins an episode)


Designed by Samira Shuruk, this is a workout series using bellydance & bollywood. Great fun and easy to follow.

Core Training for Bellydancers

Every dancer needs to know how to work those tummies -- this is a great video by Gersun Kuhr, The Fitness Pharaoh, a local fitness trainer in the DC area. It has both beginner and advanced levels.


Bellydance Egyptian Style: The Baladi with Rayna Renee

This double DVD really explains the social dance Baladi for both men and women. This talented dancer from NYC takes you through structure, key authentic movements, and improvisional skills. (Disc 1 - 135 mins. Disc 2 - 170mins)

Captivating Bellydance Choreography with Amar Gamal

Double crown winner of Ms. America and Ms. World of Bellydance, learn from one of the original Bellydance Superstars as she illustrates over 10 combinations that build into a complete choreography. (75mins)

Belly Dance By Michelle: Drills! Drills! Drills!

Project Bellydance Michelle Joyce takes you through some fundamentals, including zills.

Nourhan Sharif presents Yousry Sharif's Choreography Vol 1 & 2

These are must have for your collection and viewing pleasure -- international stars Nourhan Sharif and Yousry Sharif display optimum brilliance in both of these choreographies.

Volume One: Hazar Fazar -- one of the best choreographies of all time, and broken down into easy to follow sections. (60mins)

Volume Two: Layali Yasmina -- this is a very dynamic piece and an example of perfect Raks Sharqi technique. (55mins)

Note: They are not sold usually in a set.


Sahra Saeeda Cairo Performance

This classic dancer not only shares her stunning performances in Cairo but also gives a glimpse of Cairo, The Citadel and shows how the Tarbush is made. (105mins)

The Legends Of Bellydance (1947-1976)

No collection of bellydance is complete without this one! Sixteen of the most famous bellydancers -- Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdou, Tahia and other classic bellydancers are included. (65mins)

American Bellydance Legends -- A Journey into Bellydance in America

Did you ever wonder where it all started here? Did you know that Washington, DC has been a hotbed for bellydance? Did you know that American Tribal Style started in California? Find out the who's-who and the genesis of this artful dance and it's heroes here in the United States. (appx. 80mins)

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