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This is a never-ending rabbit hole that gets updated once a year.   It is not meant to be a complete comprehensive list; we focus on the more popular and known.  

There are HUNDREDS of Middle Eastern events in our area, both large and small, all year long, not just at Shimmy Mob time! 

If you discover a bad link, please report it so that we may take it down.  Thanks!

last updated Mar 2017


Click on the link to go directly to their FB page where current information and last minute changes are posted. 

Java -- last Friday 

Curves Raqs Hafla -- monthly on a Sunday.  Check Facebook


All Season's Ash -- Quarterly hafla.  Usually on a Sunday

Meridan Dance Company -- usually the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month

Delaware Drum & Dance Hafla - Quarterly hafla 


Art Of The Belly -- usually in March

Nowruz Festival - March

Moroccan Artisan Festival -- April (find it on Facebook or City of Alexandria Rec calendar)

World Dance Day (UNESCO) -- April  (also listed as 'international')

National Asian Festival -- usually in May

Fiesta Asia Silver Spring -- usually in May. Precedes National Asian Fest

Pittsburgh Bellydance/Vegan Festival - May

Tirgan (Persian Summer Festival) - June (find it on Facebook)

Tribal Fest -- May

Artscape -- usually in July

Tribal Delight -- usually in July

Moon Over Morocco -- August

Pak Fest -- August

Turkish Fest  -- usually in September

H Street Festival - September

Arab Fest - September

SW Arts Fest -- usually late September/early October

Rakkasah Festival -- there are four.   East, West, Spring & Winter Moon

-- Other Salons Shows --

This list usually puts out a call for performers

Typhrodisia's Bellydance & Beyond 

-- there are several hafla/salons throughout the year.  Comes out on either MeetUp or Facebook.

Raq Out -- does 2 annuals, Spring & Halloween.  They use Facebook.

Raven's Night -- always October

Shimmy Sista -- has various events. Check Facebook

Kaleidoscope Bellydance Showcase -- usually in September

Sahara's Treasure -- has several annuals.  Comes out on either Meetup or Facebook.

--  USA Competitions --

Bellydancer Of The Universe -- February

La Danse Orientale - March

Miss Belly Queen USA -- usually May

Bellydancer of the Year - May

Best of The Best Bellydance Competition - June

Middle East Camp - July

Miami Bellydance Convention -- August

World Champion Diva Crown - August

East Coast Classic - VA  -- September

Jewel Of The Sierra - September

Rak Star - September/October

Pittsburg Bellydance Convention - PA  -- November



Eliat Festival - January

Miss Belly Dance Cairo - March

International Gypsy Dance Festival - March

BellyQuality Madrid - March - (Facebook it)

Miss Belly Dance South Africa - April

Comp├ętition de danse orientale - April

Miss Orient Express - May

Stockholm Bellydance Festival - May

Rakkas Istanbul -- June

Ahlan wa Sahlan - July

Festival Cairo Kahn - July

Nile Group Festival - July

Tirgan Festival Toronto - August

International Summer Belly Dance Festival - August

Nile Group - there are four throughout the year

Dom Tack Festival - September

International Bellydance Congress - September

Ya Salam Festival - October

Adelaide Bellydance Festival - October

Pyramid Awards - November

Danish Open - November

Bellydancer of The World (Germany) - November

No longer listed or has updated websites

as of January 2015

World Belly Dance Competition Korea

Miss Belly Dance UK

Stars of Bellydance Belgium

Oriental Fantasy Germany

Queen of Raks Sharki - TX

Bellydance Nationals - MA

Tokyo Bellydance Competition

Queen of the Nile - Montreal