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Egyptian Dance & Music 

Belly dance or 'Raks Sharki' as it is called in Arabic, refers to a collection of traditional and modern cabaret styles of dance in the Middle East. 

Here is a collection of maps to understanding the geography and some history of this part of the world -- Click here to see maps

Middle Eastern music can be hard sometimes for a westerner to comprehend. Most of the instruments are unfamiliar and is isn't surprising if what you are hearing sounds a bit off-key or ends strangely. 

It's because Middle Eastern music does not use a semi-tone scale, does not use chords, and more times than not, no singular instrument is responsible for the melody. They all take turns playing it, making it difficult for the beginner to follow. The foundation of Arabic music is built on what is called “maqams”. These also determine intervals known as quarter, eighth and sixteenth counts.

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