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Shimmy Mob - Washington, DC

Official team site representing our Nation's Capitol

About The DC Team

We are required to wear the assigned t-shirt from our kit

DC members are permitted to cut off the sleeves or 'bedazzle' your shirt how ever you like BUT you must not cut holes, cut it into a half shirt, or obstruct the mob logo. Our bottoms will be ANY style of PLAIN black dance/yoga pants or gypsy skirt -- no holes/tears/cut-outs, no sequins/glitter/beads, contrasting piping or hems. Any style hip scarf and shoes should be appropriate to the surface -- if we are outdoors, clean tennis shoes. If we have to move indoors, dance shoes or pads.

We will be representing a charity

Our efforts are not just focused on the dancing but also fundraising. Every member is expected to participate in fund-raising and you will be instructed on what to do. We need representation at our hosting haflas, performers to door handlers for our own salon parties. Please make yourself available to these needs. 

Our Raffle - "It's All Business Give-away"

We partner with area haflas or stage our own shows for the public to enter our raffle. It requires the entrant to pop a business card into a fishbowl for a simple drawing for a prize assembled by our team. 


$1 to enter a single business card, $5 per 3 business cards. 16+ to enter & must be present to win. No consecutive wins per drawing. Must be present to win.


Additional Performances

Our team MAY have additional appearances periodically. These are optional for you to enjoy and we hope you participate in as many as you can!

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